Misbehaviors are Often Signs of Separation Anxiety

Furbo helps identify and relieve your dog’s anxiety




3 Steps to Relieve Your Dog’s Anxiety


Your dog loves being around you and doesn’t understand why you need to go away. They show you they’re lonely through common misbehaviors like excessive barking, howling, and chewing things. The best way to help relieve their anxiety is to let them know you’re always with them. Furbo lets you be there even when you’re apart. It’s a smart dog camera to see, talk and toss treats to your dog when you’re not home.


1. Know What's Happening at Home    

Furbo sends a barking alert to your phone when it detects your dog barking. See what’s happening at home through Furbo’s HD wide angle camera.


                         2. Calm and Let Them Know Everything is OK

Speak to them when they’re in distress. Calm them down and let them know you’re never far away.

3. Keep Them Happy by Tossing Treats

Furbo is the only dog camera that tosses your dog’s favorite treats into the air, so you can play a game of fetch from anywhere! No more anxious dogs at home.

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Amazon 5-Star Reviews

Great tool to keep an eye on the doggo
The Furbo has been great so far. The set up was really easy and we had everything ready to go within 10 minutes of opening the box. The treat dispensing may be the only mild issue, sometimes a treat doesn't pop out, but it's not a big deal. The app has worked great and has little lag time at all. I occasionally have issues connecting to the microphone, but I think that's more of a cell service issue than a Furbo issue. I like checking up on my dog, once I got it figured out where she hangs out most of the day, it was perfect. Now if I don't see her I pop a treat out and she usually comes out to investigate right away. I love the privacy mode and that it turns off automatically when I get home. Great product, very useful and I would recommend it to any other dog-parent that wants to be able to check up on their little fur-baby during the day.

K. Adams on November 23, 2016
Best pet product i ever bought!!!
I love this thing!! I am on the road a lot and is really nice to be able to see and talk to my three Amigos when ever I want...the treat compartment could be bigger since there are multiple dogs trying to nab the treats each time. I tried using their mini kibble and it shot out 7 or so our each time...
Amazon Customer on November 23, 2016
Good tool to check on our 15-year-old aging dog!
We have been using Furbo to check on our 15-year-old dachshund Gucci when we are away from home. During the last few months Gucci has been showing signs of deteriorating spirit and is moving less and less as he gets older. But with Furbo, not only we have been able to check on him to make sure he's doing well, but also encouraging him to move around and give him treats while we are away from home. Unlike the other similar products, Furbo's treat tossing ability helps to grab Gucci's attention. We've found that the additional interaction does help to get Gucci out of his bed a bit more effectively than using the voice along. Furbo definitely allows us to have a peace of mind while we are away from Gucci. The design also looks nice so Furbo doesn't need to be an webcam that we normally want to hide. It has also become a popular conversational piece since we got it.
Icecream on November 23, 2016
So much fun tossing treats to my dog!
We were super impatient to try it out. Bella learned how Furbo works right away, and now she's always sleeping next to it. If anyone is wondering, I use Zukes treats, they work great and happen to be Bella's favorites. Happy dog, happy mama ?
Amazon Customer on November 23, 2016
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